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How to use this site.
Registration Method
Change Registered Information/a>
Cancelling Membership

Registration Method

How is the user registration done?
It is possible to register from the user registration on the page here.
It is possible to do from the user registration of top page.


How do I login?
Please login from here
Or you may either click the login link from the top page.

Change Registration Information

How do I change my registration infromation?
Registration information may be modified from here.
To make changes, you must login.
You will recieve an e-mail confirming registration information modification after you make changes.


I forgot my password.
Please go to Password Reminder.
After your e-mail address is confirmed, your secret question will be displayed. Your password will be sent to you to the e-mail address that you have registered.
How do I change my password?
To change your password, please go to "Change Registration Information". You must login to make changes.
After changing your information, you will recieve an e-mail confirming your change.

To Cancel the Membership

How do I delete my registration information?
Please click here to delete your registration information.
You must login to make this change.


I get an error when I make an attempt to download a software.
If you are using a security software, there may be an error when downloading files.
Please try either of the methods below.
    ・Validate the settings to accept "Referer information"(information of the source root of the file).
    ・Void firewall software before downloading.