Public Software



Kenji Ono, Masako Iwata

Outline of functionality

Simulates unsteady three-dimensional incompressible thermal flow, which is implemented on Flow Bass class and SPHERE.


Shape approximation : Cube and plannar approximation
Variable arrangement: collocated
Discretization: Finite Volume Method/ Finite Difference Method
Time integral scheme: Euler Explicit Method, Modified Euler (Runge-Kutta Type)
Spatial scheme: First-ordered upwind, Third-ordered MUSCL
Fractional Step Method
Iteration Method: Jacobi, SOR, Multicolored SOR
Restart function
Time average operation
File output: sph format, history function
Outer boundary condition: fixation, moving wall surface, inflow, outflow, periodic, symmetry, and traction free
Inside boundary condition: wall surface and speed regulation
Temperature boundary condition: insulation, heat conduction, radiation, direct heat flux, isothermal

System Requirements

・Intel IA32/Intel64/IA64/Intel互換CPUのPC
・IBM PowerPC, BlueGene
・SGI Altix

Relationship with other VCAD software and etc.

SPHERE::CBC allows us to calculate flows on mussively parallel computers using a voxel model.