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V-Isio Ver.2.2.0(Binary:32.1MB)
V-Isio Ver.1.5(Linux : Binary)
V-Isio Ver.1.5(Windows : Binary)
V-Isio Ver.1.5(MacOSX : Binary)
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Kenji Ono, Takehiro Tawara

Outline of Functionality

Tool for visualizing analyzed results of thermal fluids. Supports the output formats of various thermal fluid solvers developed using V-Sphere.


・Readable file formats: Sph, FdvStr, OctVol, STL, Wavefront, obj, XML
・Display of contour, contour line, stream line
・Sliced surface and data sampling by probe
・Batch reading of data in order of time series and their display
・Graphic display of data in specified range
・Description, reading, and saving of each operation by XML

System Requirements

  Redhat 9 (Linux Kernel 2.4 or later)
  Windows 2000XP
  MacOS X 10.4.1 (Darwin Kernel 7.6 or later)
The gnuplot supporting the platform used must be installed to use the graphic display function.

Program Copyright Registration No.

P No.8836-2, P No.9183-1