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V-MultiMat Ver.1.0
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J. L. Alves, C. Teodosiu, N. Esmaeili Kelishomi

Outline of functionality

V-MultiMat is a non-linear 3D elastoplastic finite element solver, which permits to simulate the mechanical behavior of heterogeneous materials under complex loading conditions and up to very large strains and failure. It is the main contribution of VCAD to the fields of computational mechanics of materials and of materials design.


V-MultiMat incorporates the most relevant phenomenological and micromechanically?based models to describe several mechanical and microstructural phenomena, such as damage and ductile fracture and decohesion. Complex loading conditions can be very easily imposed, in order to study and understand the mechanical behavior of complex materials.

System Requirements

・Windows (32 or 64 bits)
External Software required
・ Intel MKL (Mathematical Kernel Library)

Relationship with other VCAD software and etc.

V-Femis (V-FEM integrated system, used as pre- and post-processor),

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