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V-Shrink Ver.3.0(Binary:51.2MB)
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Outline of Software

For simulating casting solidification and thermal contraction in the casting process.

V-Shrink ・Solidification simulation using mesh generated by VCAD and formulated by the finite element method
・Time and local variation of the interfacial heat transfer coefficient between the cast and mold can be taken into account by introducing thermal contraction effects of castings
・Can be used for both heat conduction and thermo-elastoplastic simulation
Development and System Requirements
OS: Windows XP
Development language: FORTRAN90
Relation with Other Software
・The VCAD-Framework and V-Shrink pre-processor developed using V-DualGrid are used for creating analysis data.
・The V-Shrink post processor is used for pos-processing analyzed data.
* The pre-post processor is included in the downloaded file.
Program Copyright Registration No.
P No.9163-1