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V-Sphere Ver.1.8.6(Source)
V-Sphere Ver.1.8.4(Windows)
V-Sphere Ver.1.8.4(Linux/CentOS rpm)
V-Sphere Ver.1.8.4(Linux Source)
V-Sphere Ver.1.8.3(Windows)
V-Sphere Ver.1.8.3(Source)
V-Sphere Ver.1.7.8(Windows:8.37MB)
V-Sphere Ver.1.7.8(Source:5.52MB)
V-Sphere Ver.1.1.2(Source:1.2MB)
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Kenji Ono

Outline of functionality

 V-Sphere is a VCAD multi-platform framework aimed to provide an integrated environment for efficiently supporting the development of unsteady physical simulation programs and executing multiple solver groups. V-Sphere provides functions and tools such as input/output, data shape conversion, parallelized libraries, XML parser functions, data classes, control templates, etc. to developers to enhance the efficiency of their program development efforts. It also aims to provide an outstanding implementation environment to endusers by supporting the integration of interfaces of the different solver groups developed. The Functionality Simulation and Information Team undertakes framework development, taking into account coupling problems related to different physical phenomena by solving multiple solvers, as well as support for parallelization.


・Highly expandable and reusable framework designed by object-oriented language
 Reusable with library function groups and control structure (template)
・Supports solver development using Fortran 77/90/95, C/C++
 Supports object-oriented, and procedural programming
 Conventional codes and styles can be used with minor corrections
 Highly effective performance by distinguishing use of language characteristics
・XML control
 High universality
 Allows various solvers to be developed efficiently based on templates (skeleton base). Because the developed solvers are integrated
 on the V-Sphere system, execution and management of multiple solvers is easy using the integrated interface.

System Requirements

・IA32/IA64/Intel compatible CPU PC
・Power PC
OS: Linux, Mac OSX, Windows XP/Vista
Compiler: Intel C/C++,
Fortran Compiler, or GNU g++, gfortran, or xlc/c++, xlf, or PGI, etc
libxml2 and zlib libraries are required.

Relationship with other VCAD software and etc.

Visualization of results: V-Isio supports native data formats. Other software can also be visualized.
Input data generation: Input data can be generated using V-Xgen, V-Xdc, V-Xpp.

Related Papers

Ono, K., et al, Development of a framework for parallel simulators with various physics and its performance, LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 67, (2009)9-18.

Program Copyright Registration No.

P No8954-1, P No.9098-1, P No. 9431-1, P No. 9457-1