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VCAD Framework

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VCAD Framework Ver.5.1
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Kiwamu KASE, Ikumi MAITA

Outline of functionality

Provides various APIs and data models required for handling VCAD models.
Various applications can be developed by combining the different APIs.


・Generates VCAD models in which spaces can be divided into cells,
and shapes and physical properties can be controlled in unit cell .
・As in the framework format, users can develop applications VCAD models independently.
・Supports distributed environments with ACE/TAO.

System Requirements

Linux (Fedora 11 32,64bit)
Compiler:g++(GCC) version 4.4.0
Library:ACE version 5,7, TAO version 1.7 (only when distribution environment is executed)
・Windows (MinGW + MSYS 32bit)
Compiler:g++(GCC) version 3.4.5

Relationship with other VCAD software and etc.

Vobj files can be iput files from V_ObjCreator or V-Cat

Related Papers

Kase, K., et al..:"Volume CAD: CW-complexes based approach."Computer-Aided Design,
37(14), 1509-1520(2005)

Program Copyright Registration No.

P No. 9881-1