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V-SDFlib Ver1.2.2(binary:1.8MB)
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Kohei OkitaKenji Ono

Outline of Functionality

Library for creating singed distance funciotns from shape data.
Can be called from both C++ and Fortran programs.


SDF library is expressed in data class groups of data structure and in utility class groups mounted with functions such as conversion between the data classes.

1.Data class group
・Six functions are arranged for C++ interface.
   sdfPtsWithNorm: Point set with normal vector
   sdfPolyMesh: Polygon mesh data
   sdfSimple Voxel: Simple voxel data, etc.
・For Fortran interface, ten interface function groups for Fortran are arranged against each data class group of C++.

2.Utility function group
・For C++ interface, nineteen functions are arranged such as:
   GatPwnfromMESH, GetSDFfromPWN, GetSDFfromMESH, etc.
・For Fortran interface, eleven function groups for Fortran are arranged against each utility function of C++.

System Requirements

Linux Kernel 2.6 (Intel x86 / AMD64 ) or later
Windows XP/Vista/7 (Intel x86)
MacOSX 10.5 Leopard (Intel) or later

Relationship with Other VCAD Software and etc.

The data which is generated by this library can be utilized with V-Sphere and be visualized by V-Isio.

Program Copyright Registration No.

P No.9338-1