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Digital Image & Geometry Processing

Research Subjects and Results

I have been working on processing shape via computer and have developed the new and efficient computational methods for digital image and geometry processing. Particularly, I have proposed the fast and robust methods for real-world data via computer. The developed methods include the fair shape generation [SMI'99,GMP'02], geometric mesh deformation []PG'02,SMA'03,EG'07], smoothing and noise reduction [SMI'06,CGF'10], feature extraction and analysis [SMI'01,MMM'00,SPM'05,PG'07,CAGD'08,ICGG'10], and mesh parameterization and remeshing [SMI'04,IJSM'05].
Also the applications to registration [ISDA'09,IJCIA'10], noise reduction [ICSB'10], and feature extraction [ViEW'10] of the biomedical 3D images obtained by CT, MRI, or confocal laser scanning microscopes have been studied.

Future Target

I will work on proposing the new methods for processing digital image and geometry, and develop the application systems based on the proposed methods.

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Selected Publications

S. Yoshizawa, A. Belyaev, and H. Yokota
「Fast Gauss Bilateral Filtering」
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 60-74, 2010. [CGF'10]:

S. Yoshizawa, A. Belyaev, and H. Yokota
Curvature Extremalities for Intelligent Shape and Image Interrogation
Proc. of Int. Conf. on Geometry and Graphics, pp. 242:1-242:10, 2010. [ICGG'10]

S. Yoshizawa, et al.
Interactive Registration of Intracellular Volumes with Radial Basis Functions
Int. Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications, Vol. 9, Issue 3, pp. 207-224, 2010. [IJCIA'10]

S. Yoshizawa, et al.
Intracellular Volume Registration
Proc. of Int. Conf. on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, pp. 1407-1412, 2009. [ISDA'09]

S. Yoshizawa, et al.
Fast, Robust, and Faithful Methods for Detecting Crest Lines on Meshes
Computer Aided Geometric Design, Vol. 25, No. 8, pp. 545-560, 2008. [CAGD'10]

S. Yoshizawa, et al.
Fast and Faithful Geometric algorithm for Detecting Crest Lines on Meshes
Proc. of Pacific Graphics, pp. 231-237, 2007. [PG'07]

S. Yoshizawa, A. Belyaev, and H.-P. Seidel
Skeleton-based variational mesh deformations
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 26, No. 3, pp.255-264, Proc. of EUROGRAPHICS, 2007. [EG'07]

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