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Yukie  NAGAI Yukie NAGAI

Research Themes

Computer graphics, shape modeling, computational geometry.
Previous research issues involve mesh generation, surface reconstruction and extraction of the skeletal structures.

Research Subjects and Results

We proposed a detail-preserving and robust surface reconstruction algorithm for a point cloud with noise and lack of sampling (Fig. 1).It is based on partition of unity (PU) implicit and the above advantages are achieved with the help of diffusion of the gradients and updating of the implicit functions.For volumetric data, we approximate the intensity with a PU implicit, and extract the skeletal structure whose non-manifold parts are represented well.Recently we extended a PU implicit as it can well preserve boundaries inside volumetric data which are over-smoothed with the traditional PU approach (Fig. 2).

Future Target

Construction fo a method for representation of sharp features with a PU implicit.Applying the proposed algorithm to higher dimensional datasuch as time-varying volumetric data.

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Selected Publications

Yukie Nagai, Yutaka Ohtake and Hiromasa Suzuki
Smoothing of Partition of Unity Implicit Surfaces for Noise Robust Surface Reconstruction
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 28, No. 5. 2009.

Yukie Nagai, Yutaka Ohtake and Hiromasa Suzuki
Noise Robust Surface Reconstruction by Combining PU and Graph-cut
Eurographics 2009 (Short paper), 2009.

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