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Masahiko  MORITA Masahiko MORITA

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Development of Interactive Viewer

Research Subjects and Results

We are developing a new interactive web viewer for 3D chromatic images. The viewer is capable to run interactively on a web browser of standard PC.

While 3D images generated by standard X-ray CT and MRI consist of the transmittance of objects being scanned, 3D internal structure microscopes (3D-ISM) generate chromatic volumes consist of red, green, and blue color channels. Although visualization of former cases is well studied by using volume rendering techniques, the interactive volume rendering with operations (rotation, magnification, slicing, etc.) for the latter is much difficult (especially without high-end graphics cards). We are developing the interactive 3D web viewer specialized to visualize chromatic volumes as Fig 1.
Our viewer includes a stereoscopic visualization function which provides intuitive understanding of 3D volume information. We expect that our viewer contributes to researchers who based on chromatic volumes by assisting to open their data to the public through the Internet.