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Sung-Woong  HAN Sung-Woong HAN

Research Themes

Development of actin and the binding protein interaction measurement using an AFM

Research Subjects and Results

Cellular functions significantly depend on the dynamic translocation and/or shape changes of the structure components based on the molecular interaction. Actin can interacted with the hundreds of actin binding proteins after formation of actin filament polymerization, and the interaction allows the advanced and various functions. We firstly demonstrated the measurement of interaction between actin filament and actin binding protein using an AFM. We calculated the dissociation rates of actin filament-the proteins and compared these with a previous kinetics report of actin filament-actin binding protein interactions measured by the method of equilibrium binding of actin filament-the proteins including fluorescent labelling. The present study might provide new possibilities of the measurements of actin dynamics and be enhanced to the advanced manipulation of actin filament.

Future Target

This method would be developed for the manipulation of actin filaments as well as verification of many kinds of actin dynamics. The results of interaction measurement of actin filament-the binding proteins would be very useful for the cytoskeleton simulation because this method can supply the quantitative interpretation which is the integral information in the filament level.

Selected Publications

Sung-Woong Han, Taiji Adachi
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Proceeding of XIII Linz Winterworkshop. Advanced in Single-Molecule Research for Biology & Nanoscience, 2011.

Sung-Woong Han, Taiji Adachi
Mechanical detection of interaction between actin and Arp2/3 complex using AFM
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Sung-Woong Han, Shingo Mieda, Chikashi Nakamura, Takanori Kihara, Noriyuki Nakamura, and Jun Miyake
Successive detection of insulin-like growth factor-II bound to receptors on a living cell surface using an AFM.
Journal of Molecular Recognition, 24, 17-22. 2011.

Sung-Woong Han, Chikashi Nakamura, Yosuke Imai, Noriyuki Nakamura and Jun Miyake
Monitoring of hormonal drug effect in a single breast cancer cell using an estrogen responsive GFP reporter vector delivered by a nanoneedle.
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 24, 1219-1222, 2009.

Sung-Woong Han, Chikashi Nakamura, Noriko Kotobuki, Ikuo Obataya, Hajime Ohgushi, Nagamune Teruyuki and Jun Miyake
A highly efficient technology for gene delivery to a single human mesenchymal stem cell using a nanoneedle and single cell analysis of gene delivery.
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