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Research Themes

Multiscale analysis of cell shape and cell motility
Control of cell migration by microstructured surface

Research Subjects and Results

Multiscale analysis of cell shape and cell motility:
The analysis on the correlation between the cell shape and the cell motility revealed a characteristics of cellular protrusion.
Control of cell migration by microstructured surface:
I have investigated the effect of the microstructured surface on the cell behavior. The analysis revealed the new functions of microstructured surface to control cell migration.
 RIKEN Research Highlight: Guided by the Groove

Future Target

I am now planning a more detailed study about the interaction between the cell and the microstructured surface from the mechanical point of view.
This study will provide a design concept of the component of cell culture substrate, such as cell confinements with cell filtering function.

Selected Publications

Hiromi Miyoshi, Jungmyoung Ju, Sang Min Lee, Dong Jin Cho, Jong Soo Ko, Yutaka Yamagata, Taiji Adachi
Control of highly migratory cells by microstructured surface based on transient change in cell behavior
Biomaterials, vol.31, pp. 8539-8545, 2010

Shin Yoshizawa, Satoko Takemoto, Miwa Takahashi, Makoto Muroi, Sayaka Kazami, Hiromi Miyoshi, Hideo Yokota
Interactive registration of intracellular volumes with radial basis functions
International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications, vol. 9, pp. 207-224, 2010

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