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Shukei  SUGITA Shukei SUGITA

Research Themes

Effects of the mechanical field in cells on cell migration
Elucidation of the mechanism of force transmission through the cytoskeleton

Research Subjects and Results

Forces generated by cytoskeleton are believed to contribute to cellular dynamical processes like migration.
Stress fibers including actin bundles and myosins at rear of cells generate contraction forces which propel the cell body to move forward during migration.
We proposeed a method for measuring local tensions in SFs and showed that the method actually measured the tensions in SFs.

Future Target

Real time measurement of tension in SFs in live cell

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Selected Publications

S. Sugita, T. Murase, N. Sakamoto, T. Ohashi, and M. Sato
°÷Size sorting of kinesin-driven microtubules with topographical grooves on a chip,°◊
Lab on a Chip 10(6), 755?761, 2010.

S. Sugita, T. Adachi, Y. Ueki, and M. Sato
°÷Direct measurement of tension generated in cytoskeleton,°◊
6th World Congress on Biomechanics, Singapore, 2010.8.1?6

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