Researchers, Developers and Staffs

Research Themes

Visual simulation of dyeing
Generating illustrative styles from photographs

Research Subjects and Results

1. One of our research theme is visual simulation of dyeing by a computer. We achieved to combine physically-based dye transfer model in woven cloths and cloth geometry modeling to simulate traditional dyeing techniques.
2. We proposed a framework to transform a photograph to a illustration.

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Future Target

Each research will be continued, respectively.

Selected Publications

Yuki Morimoto, Kenji Ono
ˇÖComputer-Generated Tie-Dyeing Using a 3D Diffusion Graphˇ×
In Advances in Visual Computing (6th International Symposium on Computer Vision - ISVC 2010), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 6453, pages 707--718. Springer, October 2010

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