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A study on electrostatic deposition method using nanoparticles geenerated by atomizer

Research matter and its Result

In the electrospray deposition (ESD) method, atomized tiny droplets are dried up to nano-sized particles and deposited on the substrate by electrostatic force. Thus, compared with inkjet patterning, high resolution patterning is possible since coffee stain effect is not generated during evaporation process. ESD is high-resolution as well as low-damage process to the samples, thus bio-macromolecules and organic materials can be used. Also ESD can fabricate nanofiber using macromolecule materials so that it has been used to fabrics and filter applications. ESD is expected to be a general-purpose deposition method, which is possible to fabricate high resolution pattern ranged from micro to nanometer.
It has been proved that bio-microarray can be fabricated by electrospray deposition for bio-chip applications. In the fields of organic materials, ESD was hard to adopt since dried nanoparticles generate pin-holes. To cope with this problem, a new method for fabricating micropatterns of semiconductive organic thin films with surface roughness below 1nm is proposed, using electrospray deposition and a dual-solvent technique. The basic concept is that nanoparticles are deposited on the target substrate just before they become completely dry, by adding a solvent that has an evaporation speed relatively lower than that of the original solution.

Selected Publications

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