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Weimin  LIN Weimin LIN

Research Themes

Development of a V-CAM system and its applying effect on manufacturing

Research Subjects and Results

A new CAD system, which is called Volume-CAD (VCAD) have been developed. We carried out research and development of VCAD fabrication process based on VCAD/CAM precision control. In our study, a V-CAM software had been developed, and succeeful apply in manufacturing inspection experiment of asherical lens or free form surface to realize the system performance.

Future Target

In the future, we hope the V-CAM software be practical use to more field of manufactruing.

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Selected Publications

W. Lin, H. Ohmori, T. Suzuki, Y. Uehara, Y. Watanabe and S. Morita
ˇÖCharacteristics of Free Form Finishing applying V-CAM Systemˇ×
Key Engineering Materials 329, (2007) 273-278

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