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Hiroaki  ETO Hiroaki ETO

Research Themes

Subject 1”””§Development of highly efficient injection technology by VCAD system
Subject 2”””§Applicability research of numerical calculation to nano-precision mechanical manufacturing

Research Subjects and Results

It is difficult that the uneven qualified mold achieves nano-precision formation only by trail-and-error. This is because that the cooling duct is placed to the next to the resin injection flow, so that the mold is complexly pressure-deformed by filling pressures. Our research focuses on developing better qualified mold with numerical calculation. Moreover, we analyze injections, pressure deformations of the mold under the pressure, heat transmissions of the mold”Ēs cooling pipes, heat shrinkage rates, and the most appropriate distribution for the cooling circuit with heat fluid simulations. Using VCAD system, which applies the various numerical data as a uniform database, should be very effective on this research. Therefore, we also focus on achievement of a highly efficient injection technology while developing VCAD software.

Selected Publications

H. Eto, Y. Dai, N. Ebizuka, Y. Saito, T. Suzuki, W. Lin, H. Ohmori, T. Ebisuzaki and H. Takami
”ÖELID Grinding of SiC Ultra Lightweight Mirror”×
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Space Optics, ISBN 92-9092-865-4, March 2004, pp.707-710

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