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Research Themes

Development of Extended Finite Method Analysis Software Based on VCAD

Research Subjects and Results

An important feature of the extended finite element method, X-FEM, is the ability to incorporate into elements boundary faces that do not conform to boundaries of elements, such as solid surfaces or cracks, by introducing enriched interpolation functions. Utilizing this feature, we work to develop an X-FEM software called V-X3D that directly utilizes cell shapes with VCAD KC surfaces as analytical data, that is not possible to be used as conventional FEM elements directly. A powerful feature of the V-X3D is its capacity to seamlessly execute X-FEM analysis with measured data of actual structures derived from such sources as CT scans, thanks to the VCAD system's ability to store physical properties and quantities. Our work will hopefully soon expand the utility of these tools to such tasks as the mechanical analysis of bone structures in living body and simulations of crack propagation in castings containing voids.

Future Target

Establishment of three dimentional crack growth simulation,Implementation of thermal conductivity analysis and eigen analysis. etc.

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Selected Publications

Noboru IMAI, Toshio NAGASHIMA and Kiwamu KASE
Crack Propagation Simulator V-X3D Based on VCAD Framework
IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 10 012053 (2010).

Noboru Imai, Toshio Nagashima and Kiwamu Kase
Fatigue Crack Propagation Analysis by VCAD Based XFEM Software V-X3D
Proc. conf. on comp. eng. and sci.(in Japanese), 15-2(2010),917-918.

Noboru Imai, Toshio Nagashima and Kiwamu Kase
Implementation of crack propagation simulation to VCAD based analysis software V-X3D
JSME 22th comp. mech. conf.(in Japanese), No.09-21(2009), 364-365.

Noboru Imai and Toshio Nagashima
Development of VCAD framework based XFEM software V-X3D
Proc. conf. on comp. eng. and sci.(in Japanese), 13- 2(2008), 621-622.

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