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Yasunari  WATANABE Yasunari WATANABE

Research Themes

Research of science-art using patterns of crystal and quasicrystal

Research Subjects and Results

Symmetry and periodicity in crystal., self-similarity and rotation symmetry in quasicrystal. These form a beautiful solid.
The concept of the science art was born by the application of it to the design and the art.
A crystal-glass of industrial arts triaconta°ĺdiamond with 30 rhombic facet, which has already been developed in cooperation with HOYA, was presented to a invited person at RIKEN BUNKANOHI

Interior light with 300 facet polyhedrons

Future Target

Because the production of the metal mold of a complex polyhedron like figure with the ruggedness is not only difficult either but also the surface lapping has the denting corner, it becomes more difficult. We aim at new metal mold technology development in order to overcome this.

Selected Publications

Yasunari Watanabe, Yuji Ikegami,Yoshiko Murakami, Kenji Yamazawa, Teshima Yoshinori
°÷Building of three dimensional Escher patterns by Layer-manufacturing°◊
Acta Cryst. A64, pp. C634-635, (2008)

Yasunari Watanabe, Yuji Ikegami, Kenji Yamazawa and Yoshiko Murakami
°÷World of Scientific Puzzle Art Using Layer Manufacturing°◊
Forma, Vol. 21 (No. 1), pp. 37-48, (2006)

Yasunari Watanabe, Takashi Soma and Masahisa Ito
°÷Quasilattice based on Cuboctahedron I: °›Projection Method°›°◊
Crystallography Reports 49, No.4, 527-536. (2004)

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