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Polygonizing CT images of Mechanical objects

Research Subjects and Results

We studied a method for polygonization of CT images of thin-plate mechanical objects for reverse engineering.
Although volumetric data can be polygonized by isosurfacing methods, we need medial surfaces
for thin-plate models, because they are common representation in CAD systems.
We developed a method for medial surface reconstruction with non-manifold junctions from volumetric data.
Our method computes medial surfaces by sub-sampling of medial voxels and create polygons based on voxel connectivity.
We also developed an out-of-core volume data processing algorithm for high-resolution CT images.

Future Target

In future work, we would like to extend our method to polygonization of not only thin-plate but also wires and solids at once. For instance, we polygonize wire and solid objects to wire skeletons and isosurfaces respectively. In addition, we would like to create FEM meshes from the polygonizing results.

Selected Publications

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