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Research Themes

geometry processing, computational topology

Research Subjects and Results

Mesh generation plays a fundamenal and important role in physical simulation.
In this field, high-quality meshes with adaptive sizing are needed to obtain reliable results in reasonalble computation time.
Furthermore, we're often faced to deal with multi-material solids.
Meshing multi-material solids is a difficult problem, since it requires special care for complex material boundaries.
We attacked this problem and several software has been released,
which is successfully used for simulating multi-phase materials and biomechanical systems.

Future Target

Dynamic remeshing for physical simulation

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Selected Publications

M. Moriguchi,
°÷°»Edge contraction for extracting homotopy-preserving curve skeleton°…°◊
The 7th International Conference on Curves and Surfaces, Avignon, France, June 24?30, 2010.

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