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Zhigang SUN Zhigang SUN

Research Themes

Development of FEM structural analysis program V-Struct

Research Subjects and Results

Aming at the structural analysis of complicated engineering structures, a VCAD-based FEM program for elastoplastic analysis - V-Struct, which employs the satic-explicit finite element method, was developed. Its specifications are as follows.

Examples of analysis

Analysis of necking of a cylindrical bar

Analysis using the FE model generated by V-DualGrid

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Selected Publications

Zhigang SUN, Cristian TEODOSIU, Masato TAKAMURA and Akitake MAKINOUCHI
Development of Complex Elements for 3D Elastoplastic FEM Analysis
Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers A, 77-773(2011),pp.4-15

Zhigang SUN and Cristian TEODOSIU
Structural analysis program V-Struct3.5

Z.Sun, K.Ohura, Y.Ohtake, Y.Yin, C.Teodosiu
VCAD Structural Aanalysis based on the Dual Grid Approach
VCAD Comunication 5, pp. 2-8

Zhigang Sun, Akitake Makinouchi and Hiroo Yabe
Development of a 3-D FEM Program for Simulating Retinal Detachment Operation on an Eyeball
Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers A, 69-688(2003),pp. 1775-1781

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