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Mihaela  BANU Mihaela BANU

Research Themes

Multiscale modeling of the materials under large plastic deformation produced by metal forming

Research Subjects and Results

Simulation of stamping processes of thin metal sheets by using V-Struct
Determination of elastic properties of porous aluminum cast materials: 3D reconstruction of the real structure with pores by using V-CAT, Meshing the real structure using
Structural analysis using V-MultiMat, V-Postprocessor
Simulation of shrinkage phase in casting of the aluminum by using V-Shrink

Future Target

Application of VCAD software to structural analysis of the nanocomposites with graphene and nanoclay
Application of VCAD software to ECAP processes

Selected Publications

M. Banu, T. Hama,
Effects of finite element type on springback simulation of a high strength steel sheet
The Annals of Dunarea de Jos University, Fascicle V, ISSN 1221-4566, 76-80, 2009.

M. Banu, T. Hama, L. Alves
Numerical prediction of the stress fields in a bending-unbending stage using STAMP3D and DD3IMP
Steel Research International, 79, 1, 186-193, 2008.

M. Banu, A. Epureanu, T. Hama
Algorithm for springback prediction of the automotive body cars based on the knowledge and decision-making process
The Annals of Dunarea de Jos University, Fascicle V, ISSN 1221-4566, 117-124, 2007.

M. Banu, M. Takamura, T. Hama, O. Naidim, C. Teodosiu, A. Makinouchi
Simulation of springback and wrinkling in stamping of a dual-phase steel rail-shaped part
Journal of Material Processing Technology, 173, 2, 178-184, 2006.

M. Banu, F. Susac, K. Ohura, A. Epureanu
Control of cooling-solidification process aiming at integrating the design and manufacture of the cast parts
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Transaction of ASME (sent to journal)

F. Susac, M. Banu, A. Epureanu
Artificial neural network applied to thermomechanical fields monitoring during casting,
Systems, July 1-3, Tenerife, Spain, 247-251, 2009. Proceedings of WSEAS International Conference, Mathematical Methods, Computational Techniques and Intelligent

M. Banu, M. Takamura, T. Hama, O. Naidim, C. Teodosiu
Comparative analysis of shell-solid finite element behavior in a rail-shaped part stamping simulation
Proceedings of the 9th ESAFORM International Conference, Glasgow, U.K., 419-422, 2006.

S. Patriche, M. Banu, B. Epureanu, T. Adachi
Atomistic Mechano-Chemical Modeling of Kinesins
SPIE Smart Structures/NDE Conference - Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication, San Diego, USA, 6-10 March,Proceedings: Smart Structures and Materials & Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring 2011, (CDS427), 2011 (to appear)

Romanian Patent, No. 123138 (2010)
Equipment for reconfigurable hydrostatic deep-drawing
M. Banu et al.

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