Researchers, Developers and Staffs

Research Themes

Statistical Analysis of the Mesh Generation for Porous Cast Materials

Research Subjects and Results

3D reconstruction of the real structure with pores by using V-CAT and meshing the real structure using vcat2tet, vcat2dhx and vcat2qtet
Optimisation of compilers for VCAD software

Future Target

Application of VCAD software to simulation of metal forming processes

Selected Publications

M. Banu, T. Hama, L. Alves, O. Naidim
°÷Numerical prediction of the stress fields in a bending-unbending stage using STAMP3D and DD3IMP°◊
Steel Research International, 79, 1, 186-193, 2008.

M. Banu, M. Takamura, T. Hama, O. Naidim, C. Teodosiu, A. Makinouchi
°÷Comparative analysis of shell-solid finite element behavior in a rail-shaped part stamping simulation°◊
Proceedings of the 9th ESAFORM International Conference, Glasgow, U.K., 419-422, 2006.

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