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Hideyuki  SUNAGA Hideyuki SUNAGA

Research Themes

VCAD System remodeling for the practical use
VCAD System trial in the real product development process

Research Subjects and Results

VCAD system can express the three-dimensional space and object including the internal structure. It has the outstanding characteristics to build the environment which enables the software to create the innovative industrial product design and manufacturing process.
We make some trials to apply VCAD system for the real product development process. It figures out the technical problems which make some difficulties to use it or cause some errors. We develop the required software such as the user interface or new functions to solve them.

Future Target

We distribute the software which will be developed in our Research Program and provide the opportunities for all of the researchers and engineers to study together about VCAD.
We hope that VCAD will be used in the many applications, and VCAD system will be applied in the various kind of the product development process.

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Selected Publications

M. Takamura, H. Sunag,a, T. Kuwabara and A. Makinouchi
°÷Springback simulation of automotive front fender panel in multi-operation stamping process using static-explicit FEM code°◊
Proc. NUMISHEET 2002, (2002), 379-384.

M. Takamura, K. Ohura, H. Sunaga, T. Kuwabara, A. Makinouchi, and C. Teodosiu
°÷Sheet Forming Simulation Using a Static FEM Program and Considering the Elastic Deformation of Tools°◊
Proc. NUMIFORM 2004, (2004), 940-945.

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