Researchers, Developers and Staffs

Research Themes

・Development and application of non-linear structural analysis software
・Development and application of metal formin simulation software

Research Subjects and Results

・Development of robust algorithm for buckling simulation
・Clarification of springback mechanism using FEM simulation
・Shearing simulation with ductile fracture propagation using 3-D elasto-plastic FEM

Future Target

・Application of structural analysis software to a variety of new forming processes such as hot stamping

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Selected Publications

M.Takamura, M.Sakata, A.Fukui, T.Hama, Y.Miyoshi, H.Sunaga, A.Makinouchi and M.Asakawa
Investigation of twist in curved hat channel products by elastic-plastic finite element analysis
International Journal of Material Forming, 3(Supplement 1)(2010-4), 131-134.

Masato Takamura, Ayako Fukui, Takayuki Hama, Yuji Miyoshi, Masashi Sakata, Hideyuki Sunaga, Akitake Makinouchi, Motoo Asakawa
Twisting in Curved Hat Channel Products Made of High Strength Steel Sheet
Steel Research Int., 81-9 (2010), 821-824.

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